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     My name is Elise "E-liz" Sanchez, and I am a professional photographer with a vibrant, documentary style. I am a visual story teller specializing in wedding and portrait photography.


      I am from Bayou Lafourche, Louisiana, and graduated from Louisiana Tech University in 2006: bachelor of Fine Arts Photography, Cum Laude distinction. I am married to the most handsome civil engineer in town, and we have three rambunctious boys. We have previously lived in Stuttgart, Germany, and New Orleans, Louisiana.


    I am new to San Antonio, Texas, and look forward to creating art with you. I love meeting new people!




     My tale starts on the bayou where Cajuns are tenacious and have a rich music and culinary heritage. Our speech is peppered with French, and our kitchens are eternally ready to make a roux. We observe four seasons- shrimp, crawfish, crab, and oyster. But where our hearts truly lie is in simple, good times with good friends and family. Laissez les bons temps rouler! (Let the good times roll!)


     I follow in the footsteps of my grandmother. Her constant accessory was a sturdy 35mm Minolta with a fixed 50mm, 1.4f. She had natural sense of composition and the personality to either work a room or be the quiet observer when needed. She told my family’s story, and now I want to tell your family’s story. Click here for her gallery.


     I also volunteer my time and talent with 2 wonderful organizations.

Red Thread Sessions is an organization that connects adoptive families with photographers who take a special interest in adoption.

Hearts Apart is an organization that connects families while our military men and women are serving abroad.






    While studying photography at Louisiana Tech, I fell in love with the poignant work of photojournalists such as Jodi Cobb and James Nachtway. Their inspiring work gets to the heart of a story telling it with both grace and dignity. After college I worked as a newspaper photographer for a small Gannett paper in Monroe, Louisiana. There I learned skills that I carry forward into my work as a documentary wedding photographer.


     When choosing a wedding photographer, you should ask yourself what style of photography best suites you. With a documentary style my goal is to capture events unfolding naturally with less direction from behind the camera. The result is less manipulation, and more beauty and honesty. I craft a blend of vibrant color and striking black and white photographs that have a sense of place.


     There is a thrill for me in capturing moments of raw emotion and quiet beauty, of trepidation and joy. Your big day unfolds like the pages of a good book. It is a true honor to capture this fascinating rush of energy and emotion that defines your wedding day.



     Let’s connect, share a coffee, and learn more about each other. It would be an honor to tell your story.

Red Beans and Ricely Yours,

Elise Sanchez

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